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Sam Templeton Lands NOWNESS Debut

A couple question life and love offering an intimate look at cinematic moments found in organic conversation.

Lensed by Berlin-via-Auckland filmmaker Sam Templeton, short film Nap Nap captures fragments of conversation between a young couple, one afternoon in late summer. Lying atop an old car, parked in the driveway, they muse on love, life, and the learnings we take away from our experiences – except their conversation is unscripted, and the pair on screen are a real couple.

“The talent had never been in front of a camera before, but where they took it was raw, honest and beautiful. We only shot three takes from three angles – bringing the viewer into the conversation by placing intimate emphasis on, not just the act of speaking, but the act of listening.”

Creating a cinematic portrait of the authentic discussion between them, Templeton reframes the quiet moments we share in life – and the powerful conversation that can emerge from them. Exploring how the simple act of living – unscripted – can give way to poignant questions, Nap Nap offers an organic exploration of how communication can mold our understanding, and the philosophical questioning that can unfold from time shared without purpose. 

Watch the full film on NOWNESS

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